Why Stockton?

Stockton is indispensable in the rapidly evolving telecommunications landscape. Our comprehensive engineering, furnishing, and installation services offer clients solutions to complex challenges, enabling them to stay competitive, efficient, secure, and environmentally responsible.

data center installation

Rack configuration, server and storage installation, networking equipment, power and cooling, security systems, software configuration, testing and validation.

Central office installation

Installing and configuring a variety of telecommunications equipment such as network cabling, switches, routers, telephone switches, power and cooling, and monitoring.

Engineering & INstallation

From network architecture design, equipment selection, cabling layout, and the development of technical specifications to equipment and infrastructure deployment.

Maintenance & Service work

Services include: routine maintenance, emergency repairs, network optimization, security and access control, testing and troubleshooting, documentation, and upgrades.

Stockton telecom works with the best in the industry

Stockton Telecom maintains contracts with multiple Fortune500 companies, providing fulfillment installation of both residential and commercial applications.

stockton telecom takes pride in consistency

We take pride in our ability to consistently earn the highest marks of satisfaction on completion of work provided. Experience and track record says it all!

Stockton can take on the most challenging of tasks

With infrastructure, manpower, and top-notch leadership, Stockton can take on even the most challenging of tasks for any provider. We believe a happy partner is a forever partner!

Client Testimonials

For nearly 40 years Stockton Telecom has completed numerous projects on time and under budget. Here are a few testimonials from some of our favorite people and projects!

I wanted to share with you how happy everyone involved in this project was with Stockton. Everyone on my team commented on how clean the finished product is the level of professionalism by everyone on your team. Thank you so much for your continued hard work!

Ann Granger, Project Manager

Fujitsu Network Communictions

Fusion Connect partnered with Stockton Telecom for a larger nationwide network decommission project and we have experienced a very professional team that has made our goals their priority. 

Chad Williams, Sr Director COGS

Fusion Connect

Thank you for your willingness to work “out of the box” to support AT&T and our occasional unplanned needs. AT&T values our partnership with Stockton Telecom and your continued willingness to assist with high priority items. It’s why we keep choosing Stockton Telecom!

Ron Allen, ATS-Field Technical Support


Our Management Team

We embrace a philosophy that our company’s primary goal for continued growth and success is to perform quality work in a timely manner, at a competitive price, with the purpose of ensuring long-term mutually beneficial relationships with or clients. We also believe that a pledge is nothing without the people who stand behind it to give it meaning. Please meet our Management Team.

Ira Kusnetz

Chief Executive Officer

Ron Stockton

Chief Operations Officer

Callip Hall

Chief Financial Officer

John Pruitt

John Pruitt

Director of Installations

Our Services


As a modern EF&I company one of primary capabilities is to provide comprehensive engineering services. This includes network design, infrastructure planning, and performance optimization. We employ experienced engineers who develop customized solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients.


At Stockton we have extensive knowledge of the telecommunications equipment market. We provide a wide range of services, from equipment sourcing and procurement to managing vendor relationiships. This expertise ensures that our clients receive high-quality and cost-effective solutions.


Stockton excels in the installation phase of telecommunications projects. We have skilled technicians who are proficient in deploying equipment, running cable, and configuring network devices. In this phase we also provide world class project management to ensure efficient and timely installations.


At Stockton we recognize that one size does not fit all in the telecommunications industry. We offer tailored solutions that can be scaled according to the evolving needs of our clients. This adaptability allows our clients to grow and expand their networks without undergoing a complete overhaul.


Stockton prioritizes quality assurance and testing. We conduct rigorous testing to ensure the performance and reliability of the deployed infrastructure. This phase includes diagnostics, signal testing, and troubleshooting to identify and rectify issues promptly.


The modern world is increasingly focused on sustainability. And as modern EF&I company we our clients address environmental concerns by designing and deploying eco-friendly network solutions and energy-efficient equipment.

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    Our Quality Policy

    “Quality Above the Line to ensure that the process used to achieve the company’s goals result in success, diversity, and total customer satisfaction.”

    Ira Kusnetz, CEO